Add ID rank column to exported observations data file

We have groups of taxonomic ranks that can have the same taxon names, such as a genus and nominate subgenus, or a species complex and species. In many contexts, it is necessary to have the rank accompany the taxon name to distinguish them.

When observations are exported, the rank of the ID is not an option to include in the options on the export settings page ,
and the resulting .csv data file of observation data excludes a column for the ID rank. Certain IDs are ambiguous in the data file but could be made clear if the rank were included. The additional columns of taxon_kingdom_name, taxon_phylum_name, etc. do not help because not all relevant ranks can be included.

My feature request is:

  1. Add a checkbox option on the export settings page to include the rank of the observation ID in the data file. Check the box by default.
  2. Include the ID rank column near the scientific_name column of the data file when that checkbox is checked.