Add conservation statuses to the CSV export

I want to search on conservation status for all observations in a project (not currently possible) and send all records to a csv that contains a column that shows conservation status values. The current CSV lacks that column.
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You likely need to flush out the details on this a little. For example a species can have mulitple conservation statuses, global, national (more than 1), regional etc. What do you want, how do you want to specify etc.


Yeah, this would have to be more detailed if it were to be implemented. Some taxa have quite a few conservation statuses.

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While this may be useful, iNat draws the conservation status from several primary sources - e.g. IUCN, Natureserve, various state and provincial agencies, etc. It is always prudent to get the conservation status directly from those entities as the ranks are sometimes out of sync with what is available via iNaturalist.


Hi all. Thank you for your considered responses. You all make valid points.

I don’t want to over think this. :) All I require at this stage is for the CSV to include the conservation status (or statuses if there are more than one) that are currently displayed with each observation… I realise that these may be out of date and vary by area etc. Naturally we would subsequently check the relevant authority to confirm that we had the latest for each taxon.

I believe that adding this feature would enhance the ability of iNaturalist to assist in project-wide conservation research.

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