Add link to ungrafted taxa showing all observations having that as an active ID

In the ungrafted taxa list in the curation section, it would help to have a link which shows all observations having an ID of that taxon even if that is not what the ID is labeled as. Perhaps something like this:

The ident_taxon_id url param should do the job, but it is cumbersome to use and not all curators know about it. This would help since any observations with both an ID for the ungrafted taxon and a grafted one will be labeled as the grafted ID instead. Finding out how the ungrafted taxon was used is necessary in knowing where to graft it, especially in the case of zoological/botanical homonyms.

Link to taxon change that inspired this request:

not exactly what you’re asking for, but @jwidness added something like this earlier today to her ungrafted taxon tool: (not sure what prompted her update.)

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