How does one list all ungrafted taxa?

If I head to the Curate Taxa page linked to from my Dashboard, I get a list of the most recent 100 ungrafted taxa. It currently says that it is displaying 100 of 144 ungrafted taxa.

There seems to be no obvious way to display the rest, and my searching hasn’t disclosed how to display them. Does anyone know? Is it even possible?


I suppose one way would be to resolve the first 45 of them?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a more useful answer for you – hopefully someone else will.



I try to for the ones I’m comfortable resolving. There are more than a few in there that cannot be resolved because they are in locked groups.

You can also browse through some ungrafted taxa that have observations here:,67333,151817


Thanks @bouteloua, this is exactly what I was looking for!


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Wow. Quite a few of those ungrafted taxa are long extinct species that have no place on iNaturalist.

I don’t think that’s really a fair conclusion, extinct species just often don’t fit neatly into the artificial tree

My response probably came off more harsh than intended, but from a curator point of view, the inability to neatly incorporate them into the tree can be a little frustrating at times and sometimes detracts from work needed for extant species - the ones that would most benefit from iNaturalist. Since observations of long extinct taxa are almost always vertebrates (e.g. dinosaurs, mammoths) and that is the section of the tree I primarily deal with, it’s possible that inflated the issue from my perspective.

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I had a go at quite a few of the plant species.

Interestingly there were a couple left that had been the subject of a taxon swap, and somehow got left behind:

In both cases it looks like the taxon swap missed one of the IDs. Not sure how to handle these ones.

This is one of the main practical problems with accepting the split of Nothofagus into four genera: the majority of fossil Nothofagus will be left with no genus, as we just don’t know what genus they would have belonged to, or even if the new genera would have applied to them.

Given that user opts out of community ID, it’s possible they’re also opting out of taxon swaps in their account settings.

Ahhh… I didn’t notice they’d opted out. Thanks @bouteloua