Add linkbacks to observations: "someone referenced this observation"

On Github, if someone in another issue links to your issue it gets included in the comment thread like so:

I often link between duplicates and say things like “IDing this as x based on y observation” and so on, so I think this could be useful and interesting!

Here on the Forum, topics that get linked from other topics show a list of link-backs at the bottom of the initial post. For example, look at the bottom of the first post in this topic (to which I now just added another link!).

Is that what you have in mind for observations – a section on the detail page somewhere listing link-backs? If technically feasible, I could see that being very handy! Seems like there is often some white space to the right of the Data Quality Assessment section that could be put to such use…

I’d prefer the github treatment, i.e. showing links in the comments & IDs section sorted by creation so there’s a sense of chronology.


Good point. I was just thinking if they were all collected in one spot instead of scattered in a (potentially) long string of other actions, it might be a way of implementing the long-requested “related observations” functionality.

I was thinking more in-line, in the timeline of comments and IDs, but I’d be open to whatever!

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Maybe both could be good, if there was a tidy place it’d fit nicely? But I think it would probably be more useful in the comments, which I think is where everyone’s looking at stuff anyway. :)

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