Remove “Agree” button on Identify thumbnails in certain cases

Based on discussion here.

This request is specifically for removing the “Agree” button from the thumbnails on It does not apply to dashboard items, observation pages, etc.

Top vote-getting cases are:

  • when there is more than one photo or audio file
  • when there are any comments
  • when something besides captive/cultivated is marked in the DQA

I am strongly against this.


I’m also against this. For what it’s with, the point about multiple photos has recently been somewhat negated by the addition of an image count to each observation on the identify page.


The image count indicator should hopefully prevent most observations of photos that depict different organisms from being agreed to when using grid view.


It shows up well on Explore especially, which I will use. Very helpful-thank you.

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I am for this, but only in the context of removing ALL agree buttons for new users (until they have a total of 100 or more IDs and/or Obs) so they have time to learn that it is NOT A LIKE BUTTON! Therefore it won’t affect power IDers/Observers.

I can’t emphasise enough my belief that the combination of a learning AI and the “way too easy Agree option” is extremely problematic


Why are the indicators so small and inconspicuous? Until I read this thread, I had not noticed them at all on the Identify Page. I don’t often use the agree button, but I would find the indicators much more useful if they were in the bottom right-hand corner of the box below the photo.

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The photo indication icons were just added yesterday. Discussion about them specifically would be better moved to a different topic.


The “Agree” button is already removed from Identify thumbnails in a few cases:

  • observation ID taxon rank is coarser than species
  • observation is my ownnote

Not sure if there are others.


Even if I haven't added an ID, which is weird

Could probably also remove the button if I’ve already added an ID.


Here’s one with multiple photos that people keep agreeing to: