Add new items to Plumage Season Observation Field

In the “Observation Fields” section of an observation, it offers Plumage Season with a dropdown menu showing four options:


For the very few people who may use this feature, I think ‘basic’ and ‘alternative’ should be added, according to what some ornithologists use today. An example of why it be may be useful. A Franklin’s Gull has two plumages, the one with the black hood being the summer or breeding plumage and the white head being vice versa. However, Franklin’s Gulls, and many other gull species mostly hooded, enter the “breeding” plumage as early as January but molt by early summer. That’s why some ornithologists use the term ‘basic’ for non-breeding and ‘alternative’ for breeding, since these gulls don’t have the ‘breeding’ plumage throughout the entire breeding season.

This came in as a feature request but I moved it to #general because observation fields are made by community members and not something that staff edit.

Annotations are sort of “official” observation fields, and can be discussed here:

You can search to see who has created an observation field at this page: for example a search for plumage finds this field for plumage season: which indicates @uheise created the field. You can send them a message or leave a comment at the bottom of that page requesting changes to the field.


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