Add private messages to mobile app

Unless I’m overlooking it, there doesn’t seem to be a way to message other users on the mobile app, nor to view your own inbox. Seeing as many users likely only access iNaturalist from their phone and don’t visit the website on a computer, it would be great to see this functionality added to the app. It might also be useful for scenarios like bioblitzes, where a group may be in the same area but not right next to each other and they want to communicate without trading phone numbers.

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This is available in the app. Try updating, it was added not too long ago.


Thanks! I had no clue!

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Hmm… I cannot find that in the iOS app (2.8.7 build 558). The iOS app seems pretty “streamlined” compare to the Android version I saw on a friend’s phone.

If that’s a feature of the iOS app, anyone have hints as to where I should look for messages?

It’s not available on iOS yet (and getting the features added that Android has is already on the to-do list, so no need to submit a feature request).


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