Add red frame around observation on uploader when it is incomplete

Platform(s) Website

Description of need:
When uploading a lot of observations from the camera (e.g. a field day with 100+ observations), it can be very time-consuming to find observations where one has missed to put coordinates or putative species ID. I often end up with the below message and have to look through all the observations again.

Feature request details:
It’s great to have the warning message, but would improve the process if after you click “Go Back”, the incomplete observations are marked with a red frame, similar to the green when you edit an observation.

Illustrated here how it could look like,
If you end up with a warning message like this:

and click “Go Back”, you will see a red frame around the observations that need fixing. This one will disappear as soon as you click anwhere (so if there is 2+ you have to remember or redo the procedure). Green frames are nice, but optional.

Thanks to bouteloua who made me aware of a comment by silversea_starsong in this post
The comment is detailing the same problem, but the feature request is less clear, so I decided to do a new one.

I would be happy for your support!

i think this is more or less the same thing as:

my response there, which i think is relevant here, was:

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Oop. We had an inkling the request already existed, but neither vmoser nor I could find it searching the form (prob b/c “up-loader” vs “uploader” and no “web” tag). Thanks for pointing that out and sorry vmoser! I’ll close this topic and then feel free to add a comment and/or vote on the existing one.

See existing request: