"Missing something" pop-ups in web uploader should also highlight observations that triggered them

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: website

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/upload

Description of need:
In the web up-loader, if you attempt to submit observations missing media, identifications, date, or location, a pop-up message is triggered. The pop-up warns you something is missing, but does not tell you which observations are affected. If you have 50+ observations in the up-loader, it is tedious to individually inspect each one to find which one(s) triggered the warning. Often I have to search multiple times.

Feature request details:
After the pop-up warning is closed, it would be much easier if red text or highlight appeared on the observations missing media, identifications, date, or location. (Edit: it doesn’t have to be red. Any color would do.)

i like this idea in general. but i think any implementation should done in a way that it does not suggest that fields are required (as opposed to just recommended) or that there’s an error (as opposed to just a warning or information).


If you are adding like 100 observations in a batch it is quite annoying to check every field on every observation; I agree that even just specifying which field was missing in the pop up notification would help refine the quest. Just a light shading behind the problematic observation seems easy enough to implement and would pretty much totally solve it though.

Maybe this could be solved by making it a yellow shading instead of red? Or an exclamation point with a tooltip that says ‘you may want to fill this field’? I would appreciate any mechanism that pointed out which obs was problematic.


Good idea. Even just putting the green ‘selection’ box around the affected obs would be good enough imo.

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… or an amber version of the selection box.

Yes, any color would do.

Yessss please…

Also, perhaps the missing field…

Yes please. Even some sort of alternate tab within the uploader than you can click and it only views the problematic observations. Green doesn’t seem like a very adequate “problem” highlight, we need a scary, fear-driving nuclear meltdown warning red of course.

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That would be useful. Unproblematic observations could even go ahead and start uploading, and one could be taken to just the ones that need attention to fix those.

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Forgot to add this GH issue: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/3245 Although perhaps it should be another color instead of red, for those who can’t see red.

Since iNat knows which obs, could it not be specific and show

this one is missing this

Instead of the full list? And avoiding the colour blind issue altogether.


I like this idea…

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