Add "teneral adult" lifestage to all of Auchenorrhyncha (or maybe all Hemiptera?)

The teneral “lifestage” was somewhat recently added to Cicadas, but its use applies to all of Auchenorrhyncha (hoppers) and is readily identifiable in small individuals with even the poorest quality photographs. I know that there is conversation about whether “teneral” should be included as a life stage annotation as a whole since it technically isn’t a life stage per se. While my request is mainly regarding the oddity of only Cicadas having the teneral life stage option, I also propose a minor change to address those arguments—renaming the “teneral” life stage to “teneral adult” since nymph instars can be teneral as well and, while “teneral” seems to imply that it’s a teneral adult (since the annotation wouldn’t be useful if it was used throughout the organism’s different stages) it seems some users have expressed confusion or an issue with the current state of the annotation.

Since it’s not my area of interest, I’m not sure if this applies to the remainder of Hemiptera, though I would assume it does (and I am not sure about other groups that lack it).

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