Add time zone chooser to the web uploader


This isn’t a huge deal because by and large I think we mainly use dates more than times when it comes to observations, but…

…when I upload photos via the web uploader, iNaturalist takes whatever time zone I have chosen as my default (in Account Settings) and applies it to the time stamp on my photos. If the photos were taken while I was in a different time zone, that means the wrong time zone was applied to them.

Rather than trying to remember to change my account’s time zone before uploading (which I totally failed at on my recent trip to Mexico), I’d like to see a time zone chooser on the web uploader (on the left-hand side, by the date/time chooser) so that any time zone can be applied to the observations I’m working on.


Here in NZ, where we only really have the one zone… but then there are the Pacific Islands I guess… so I figure it is only going to be a small number of observers that strike the need for this, but the flip side is that calculating offsets and so on is going to be too much of a challenge for the majority that experience this, so I see a real need for it. I can remember when I first had to learn to do time zone offsets, it was tricky, and I have a mathematically capable brain (some models apparently don’t come with that feature!)

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Good idea. By time zone chooser, do you mean a drop-down list of the world’s time zones and abbreviations or a small map that shows the time zones that you’d click on? I would think that iNat can already get a pretty good guess at the time zone based on the coordinates of our observations, right? Why not have iNat suggest it for you automatically if it detects a difference between your default computer’s time zone and the time zone at the coordinates of your observation. With the exception of some disputed border areas, isn’t there just one time zone per location on a given date?