Add visual marker on observations new to my iNat life list

Is there a possibility that if I post an observation and it is a new animal/plant for me (=not observed by me before) that an asterisk or an other icon shows up next to my new observation? Or is this feature already available and I haven’t found it yet? Thanks for all your helpful tips.

Hi @echocreek, I approved your feature request after editing the title to include a specific action for the developers to consider. I think it reflects what you are requesting, but feel free to edit further if I didn’t get it right…

Also, note the similar existing feature request here:

If you read to the bottom, you will see that staff may consider implementing something like this, so you might want to chime in there too. And if you think that might be sufficient for your needs, let us know and we can close this topic and point people there instead.

This would be a cool feature. An icon for your first obs of a species, but also an icon for iNat’s first obs added of a species. The iNat one would be based on date uploaded, not date observed.

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thank you for posting this question/suggestion.
Looking forward what will come out of it

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You can use the Calendar page to see which new-to-you taxa were observed on a certain day, eg However, like all things Lists-related, it’s buggy.

I’m going to close this, since the function does exist, and because we won’t be updating Lists as they currently are, they need to be totally revamped.

This is something we have looked into for one’s profile page. Would have to be dynamic, obviously, since many “firsts” are misIDs.