Add word-searchable bar in app for adding location in observations

You an only add a location in the app by dragging a marker to the location on the map. There is no search bar to use the name of the place to find it. If you don’t know where the place is on a map, you’re up a creek. Please introduce a search bar/ a way to type in names instead of finding places physically.

Since one of the main core functionalities of the app is the GPS, i am not fully understanding what this would be used for as it seems pretty rare that one would want to use the app not the website, but not GPS and would also not know where they were? I guess if you are using an iPad? Which doesn’t work great in my experience…

In general i would hope this would be a relatively hidden feature if it does exist because GPS is always going to provide way better location data than writing something in given Google or whatever other map server isn’t great at finding locations in the natural world (ie not a house or business) that way and even less so at mapping uncertainty.

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I took pictures where the location wasn’t logged. As iNat has locations permission, I don’t know why. I know the name of the location but many locations look similar, i.e. there are many small lakes in the area. So the actual position is hard to find by scrolling on a map to al lake, zooming in to see the name, and zooming out again if the name is wrong and continuing to search.

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yeah, it does error that way sometimes. If you have access to a desktop/laptop computer that is way easier, if not your best course may be just to log onto the website using your device’s browser and entering it that way. I have had to do this before too when I didn’t have access to a computer and it is indeed a pain. But i do worry about people overusing something like that on the app when they could use GPS instead.