Search location is incorrect - add a place for Springs Preserve

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I work and document many of the species at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas. I frequently use the iNaturalist app on my iPhone XR and when I type in “Springs Preserve” in the browser it doesn’t appear and when I find the location using Apple Maps it loads the old café that used to be at Springs Preserve “Divine Café” instead. Is there a way to add the Springs Preserve at 333 S. Valley View as a location and remove the non-existent Divine café as the location when using my iPhone or is this just a problem with Apple maps? I appreciate any assistance! People are going to wonder why that old café is full of so many caterpillars and lizards.

Thank you for any help you may provide!

Likely your search shows native map places and not iNat places, you need to add your own place for that area as I don’t see it on the list of spring preserves existing places, as you have more than 50 observations you can do it here, wait until someone who knows how iOS app works and if it will help you on your phone or something else is needed to be done. But also you can use GPS on your phone to shorten the process of adding location if search still won’t work.


Actually, it does already exist as an iNaturalist place: search (it was hiding in the fifth position in Marina’s list). However, I’m not sure how to get to it on the iPhone app - presumably you can enter the iNaturalist place name in a filter rather than just searching Apple maps names.

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I’m not sure iOs app has filters.

it sounds like you’re manually selecting a location when creating an observation. i’m not sure why you use this approach as opposed to letting your phone’s location services (gps) determine the location, but i think in the manual placement method, you should be able to pan and zoom the map so that you end up selecting the correct location. i don’t use the ios app, but i assume that you should be able to also “pin” that location in the app so that it can be recalled and reused in other observations.

This isn’t possible in the iOS app.

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well, then i guess the sooner the iOS and Android apps are unified, the better.