Adding Observations to Journal Posts

I’m attempting to add observations to Journal Posts. I am using Safari as my browser. When I select the observation from the right-side panel, nothing happens in the post when I Preview it.

I tried using the HTML code snips from @karoopixie and I get an error (little box with a ? mark).

Is this a browser-related issue?


Hi @phil86315 , welcome to the forum :-)

It would help if you gave us a link to your journal post (if you’ve published it and it’s not still in draft form). And to show us the code you’ve used to link.

I suspect that you are trying to link an observation rather than a photo from the observation. I have not tried linking observations myself so I don’t know how that works, but it will show something different to a link to a specific photo, I imagine.

My post on embedding photos and sounds into journal posts is here - Adding photos & sounds to journal posts


That’s it! I was trying to link to the observation. I linked to the photo and, voila! Thanks so much.

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Super! Well done :-)

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