Adding your iNaturalist page to your iNatForum profile

Not surprisingly, people on the Forum often refer to their experiences using iNat. It would be very helpful to click to a poster’s Forum profile and find a link to their profile page (or their most recent observations) on iNaturalist.

Update: Carrie Seltzer has kindly added a field for iNaturalist profile. One way to add this information to an existing profile:

o Open a new browser window
o Paste in the URL YourForumName /preferences/profile with your Forum username in place of the bold text.–Thanks, Star3, for this tip!
o Scroll down to “iNat profile”
o Enter the URL from your iNat profile page
o Save changes.


@NancyinSunnyvale I moved your post to this category because the feature request category is really meant for the iNaturalist site. I’m not sure if this functionality (which I agree would be neat) is doable because I’m not savvy with such things but hopefully someone might be able to chime in with suggestions here. I suppose folks could be asked to link the url in their forum profile? Having that automatically linked would certainly be more convenient though.


You do have the option to add that yourself.
I did that when I joined the forum, by putting it in the “website” field on my profile.


You could also enter them in the About Me section and use the hyperlink in the formatting box (handy if you wanted to add multiple addresses, eg. link to your inat profile as well as your ebird, bugguide, your flickr, your blog, etc):

I didn’t do that on mine, but you definitely could.


Yep, I did the same thing.


Don’t people have the option to join this forum even without an iNat account though? I think I’ve seen past posts by people who said they didn’t have a iNat account yet, or who had deleted their iNat account but still had a forum account.
How would it tie to your iNat login to verify?

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Thanks, Star3. I really appreciate your help. It took me a while, though because I didn’t know how to get to the website field. Now I know.

Here are my step-by-step instructions for adding your iNat URL to your Forum profile:

Click on your icon at the upper right.
Click on your name to see the first column.
Click on “Preferences.”
In the column on the left, click on “Profile.”
Now you will see the page shown in Star3’s second post.
Copy the URL at the top of your iNaturalist home page into “Web Site.”
Click the blue “Save Changes” at the bottom.


Oops, I should have mentioned how to get there.
you can also use the address , with your userID in place of the part in all caps.

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It would be still cool to have, now you have to copy&paste name and you never know if it’s the same, but you could see a sign that there’s no associated account or a link to it by clicking e.g. on a website sign near forum name.


If you click on my Forum icon (or on Star3’s), you will see a box with a larger icon on the left and some info on the right.

Below the icon, there is an iNaturalist URL. If you click on it, a new window will open in your browser and you will see my (or Star3’s) iNat page.

BTW, I still think that new Forum members should be prompted at sign-up to add their iNat page URL.

iNat staff, please take a look at (found while trying to figure out how to edit my profile last night) and consider adding a custom field.


But it shouldn’t be a required field, because there are forum members who don’t have iNaturalist accounts.

I know I have personally seen messages on this forum from a user who was suspended (but is still an active forum participant), and someone else who announced they were deleting their iNat account.

What confuses me, is that this forum looks exactly like iNat. But it isn’t.

Not always easy to find someone’s iNat profile by searching, as they may not necessarily use the same name on both.

I expect to be able to mouseover someone’s name, here on the forum, and be able to click thru to their iNat profile. Sadly that doesn’t work.


Thanks so much for this link @NancyinSunnyvale! I just created a new custom field, and you should be able to click on my username here to see what it looks like on my user card (the small box overlaid on a thread) and when you click through to my forum profile. For the time being I’ve left the “website” link I already had to my profile (the address is different but it shows the same result) in addition to the new custom field.

You all should be able to edit your own profiles to add it as well. People new to the forum will be prompted (but not required) to fill it out when they sign up.


Hm, I don’t see it on the card, just on the profile page (for clarity, the URL with the number is from the field called Web Site and the one with the name is from the field called iNat profile). I’m also a little disappointed to see it’s plain text and not a clickable link, but I don’t know if that can be fixed.

What’s important is that, if you simply click on Carrie’s icon – the one that appears right next to her comments – the links are there. [I’m not sure what the “card” is.]

That can be fixed if Carrie or some other staff member can decipher the instructions at They don’t seem to provide an example or even specify where to paste the code. But I suspect the instructions will make more sense to Carrie than they do to me.

BTW, I am editing the title and intro comment. “iNatForum profile should have a link to member’s iNaturalist page” is no longer relevant.

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Super helpful again! I’ll see what we can do (but might not get to it this week if it’s beyond me).

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Yes, thank you.

Being a member of iNat for a whole week and a forum member for a couple of days, I haven’t been involved long enough to be actually confused but I am curious about why a forum that is clearly linked conceptually to iNat is not linked in fact. Maybe I have missed a thread somewhere. If there’s a history embedded in a thread somewhere, I’d be interested in reading it. Otherwise, is anybody able to shine some light on this?

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What confused me even more at first, is that I use my iNat profile to login but it is still not clickable, which seems the intuitive result to expect.

We have stepped thru a portal to a parallel universe called Discourse (for the forum)

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