Address for map not local enough (Wrong domain maybe)

I don’t know if it’s a bug, I’m a real newbie however the whole project looks awesome.

My first mistake - not realising there was an Australian version and now I feel I might have two profiles which could be adding to my confusion making it more difficult. Should I delete one or because I used the same email they are the same profile?

Most importantly the area where you pick your location, I cannot seem to enter our exact address or move flag to re-centre the map and as a result it looks like we are in town 20kms down the road.



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They’re the same profile whether you log into iNat generally or specifically the Australian node. Among a few differences, logging into the Australian node means you only see Australian observations by default.

Are you using desktop or the app?

Desktop - Apple - browser Chrome - To be clear, not talking about where we would tag something, the actual address for the project.

Thank you for such a quick response too

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Just to be clear, are you talking about how to edit the location of one of your pre-existing observations? If yes, click the blue edit button top right

Then you can physically move the pin on the map to the correct location. Remember to hit save at the bottom

If no, could you clarify what you need; I’m unsure exactly what you mean by “the actual address for the project”

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No, Not a location of an observation - at the project level

Ah, so you’re trying to create a personal project?

That place bar searches ‘iNat places’ (, not just any address/place that exists in the world. So if you’re trying to use your home address/property as a place here, you would need to specifically create a place on iNaturalist. This would require you to upload a KML file.

Can I ask why you want to create the project/what your intended purpose is? Depending on your aims, a project may not be necessary to achieve what you want.

Yes, Personal project, Yes a particular address, or at least a radius from the centre of the site.

I belong to a co-operative and the co-operative owns two properties about 150kms apart. People visit the properties often and at times we hold festivals on them. We have never embarked on a count or identification project before. We are keen now and have been looking online on whats available and found inaturalist. Seems ideal.

I was planning to create a master project in the name of the co-op and then add the properties as seperate projects. Well, thats the plan anyway.

Very grateful to be pointed in new direction to achieve the above and thankyou for your time.

That plan is fine, but you’ll have to create a KML file for each of your two places, and then upload them to iNat to officially create them on the platform at

You can do this by drawing a polygon representing your place on Google Earth or QGIS, and then export that polygon as a KML. Let me know if this works out for you, or if you need more help


Will do. Thanks again