After a selecting a wider hierarchy of ID, entry name doesn't reflect that wider hierarchy

EDIT: Was making the wrong selection, definitely my bad. Thank you for all the help!

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Description of problem: When an ID is given for an entry that disagrees with the previous identifier’s ID, the previous identifier’s ID is still shown on the title and can still be found/seen in search results, even if the new ID is at a wider classification (ex. “life” instead of “some species”). Thought it might make sense for the logic to be something like:

1. Identifier A chooses “Fungi”
2. Identifier B chooses “Cryptoporus volvatus”
3. Identifier C chooses “Life”
4. Entry reflects the hierarchy level with the most “points” → Life (since Cryptoporus sp. are part of the Fungi kingdom, and both categories are part of “life”)
5. Search results would also reflect “life”, or even “fungi” since it’s the most debated, but not “Cryptoporus volvatus” since it’s more specific

Unsure if this is specific to the web, or if this intentional, or a real issue, or if I’m missing some logic.


Hi! Sorry if it is a dumb question, but are you sure you chose the desagreeing option?


In the screenshot there is no disagreement, so this looks like it is working as designed.


Delete or withdraw your ID (which was agreeing)
When you add the ID again, you must choose to disagree. Pick - No but it is Life

Without disagreement iNat shows the finest ID, with Needs ID

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Also it’s clearly a polypore, why id it as life? It won’t get any attention after that, order is more than enough.

Sorry I don’t think I was clear with my wording. I did want to disagree with the identifications.

When you add the ID again, you must choose to disagree . Pick - No but it is Life

^ I did mean to do this, that makes sense!

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I wanted to err on the side of caution, no one has yet come by to ID it as a type of polypore yet and the subject looked like it could have been created by some kind of insect too. I just wanted to not identify it as “Cryptoporus volvatus”, but do not know what it is beyond that.

I tried to be more specific and selected “Domain Eukarya” but am still seeing it identified as “Life”, but please ID it if you know more!

Thank you, not dumb at all! Definitely my bad, was making the wrong selection.

Your id will prevent correct identification of it as it’s a disagreement at life level.

Remember to follow your notifications - so you can withdraw the hard disagreement to Life, once new identifiers move to a finer ID. Unfortunately iNat applies ‘ancestor disagreement’ - interesting logic applied. You (actively) disagreed with the previous ID - therefore - you (passively) disagree with ALL subsequent IDs!!

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Oh that is good to know! I’ll be watching it and withdraw when the time comes. Thank you again!

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Thank you and will keep this in mind for the future!

I saw you have identified this further, so I withdrew my ID. However the entry then shows it as “Cryptoporus volvatus” again, which is what I initially didn’t want to happen. I’ve restored my ID for the entry for now but will keep watching the entry to see if someone can help further identify it.

We can’t add disagreement when community id is life, just disagree as polypore, that is a fungus and not a nest.