After I make an edit to my identification comment I'm asked if I want to leave page or I might lose edits

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Step 1: I make an edit in the comments I made on an identification, and I save those edits.

Step 2: I close the page, but am asked if I want to leave the page, or the information I entered might not be saved (but I had already saved it).

Step 3: I see no option to do anything different when I ask to stay on the page, so I then ask to leave the page, I then find all of the edits I had entered had been saved. It is now doing this every time I make edits to a comment I made on an identification even though I had saved the edits.

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I just had a similar experience, so it’s not just you…

It is nice to know I’m not the only one.

see discussion in

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Thank you pisum

OK thanks, I can replicate when I follow those steps. I let our devs know.

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Also happening to me in Chrome, if that’s useful.

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Should be fixed now, it’s looking good to me.

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Thanks! I tried an edit after an initial ID, and didn’t get the message this time!

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