Give a warning before leaving an observation page where one has written unposted comments

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: website

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Description of need: Time spent adding comments is wasted when one accidentally leaves an observation page before comments are posted.

Describe the iNaturalist community need that your requested feature addresses. Include screenshots, URLs, and other details to help us all understand the issue.

Feature request details: In any observation page where one has written comments, but not yet clicked “done” to post them, provide a warning that “you are about to leave a page in which you have unposted comments”. This is similar to the warning one gets when one tries to leave the “upload” page, after transferring pix, but before finishing the upload.

In detail, describe the feature you are requesting. This includes its functionality, where the feature is implemented, and what it might look like. Screenshots or mock-ups are helpful. The idea is to have a concrete and actionable request which the community can discuss and vote on. It might change through discussion, but it’s much easier to iterate and talk about something specific.

A warning.
Or file as a draft, to be retrieved later (which Gmail does)


That would be a helpful feature

While implementing something similar for messages and journal posts, we added a warning message for the observation page and Identify when a user attempts to leave a page with unsubmitted comments. Can you check again and see if the current implementation satisfies your feature request?


Works for me!


It also pops up even after the comment has been saved.


Does ‘prevent this page’ apply only to that one obs?
Or will it prevent ALL warnings - which I don’t want to do.

I’m not seeing that in Firefox 118.0.1. Which browser are you using?

I’m using Chrome.

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I am consistently seeing it in Firefox 118.0.1, strangely enough!

It is also popping up for me after I saved the edit to my comment. I posted this bug report about this and someone then directed me to this Feature Request

Ah OK, it only happens if you edit an existing comment.

yes, pardon me, should have specified that.
it seems to work for any existing comments of a type that involves same-page editing.

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It should only apply to that tab andobservation, but this should get cleared when you close and reopen your browser, so it’s not permanent.

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