"Agree" button missing for observation with only one identification - lacking "Leading" label before reindexing

Platform: website

Browser: Chrome

URL: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/53432458


Description of problem:
The “Agree” button is missing for this observation which has only one identification. This is the only observation that seems to have this bug. I know about the intentional removal of the “agree” button from observations with community consensus, but this doesn’t have community consensus yet.

I noticed that too. I don’t know if it is to prevent ‘reflex’ id’s or not, but it does add a bit of work.

Same here

There is a notice posted on iNat that the “Agree” button has been removed with an explanation.

First, we’ve removed the “Agree?” buttons on the website when 1) the observation is Research Grade and 2) the identification you’re agreeing with isn’t "leading."

However, even my observations (all of them) where my ID is the “leading” identification and is the only identification, there still is no “Agree” button.


Here is the link to the whole announcement from iNat



Shouldn’t the user’s initial ID be “leading” in this case?


I’ve been seeing this frequently as well. not sure if it’s an intentional part of the change or not.

I believe it’s intentional.

i’m looking at it now, and it is leading:

it’s interesting because based on the information that i’m seeing returned from the API (below), it doesn’t look like there have been any changes to that observation since upload. so i’m not sure why it looks different now than earlier when the screenshot was taken in the original post. does anyone have other examples of such cases?

based on my vague recollections, i suspect there has always been a little strangeness with leading, improving, etc., but it never really mattered before, since it never really drove any functionality…

iNaturalist URL: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/53432458
Observer: rogger [44060] / Rebecca Rogge
Observation License: cc-by-nc
Observed: 2020-07-11 07:02:00 (-04:00)
Created: 2020-07-17 22:22:11 (-04:00)
Last Updated: 2020-07-17 22:22:11 (-04:00)
Taxon: (species) Leymus mollis [61067] / American dune grass (native)
Observation / Taxon Geoprivacy: [open] / [open]
Location: Thunder Bay District, ON, Canada

  • Latitude: 48.793167
  • Longitude: -86.622658
  • Accuracy: [unknown]
  • Country: Canada [6712]
  • State: Ontario [6883]
  • County: Thunder Bay [27606]

Description: [not provided]
Tags: [none]

Projects: 1

  • Grasses of Ontario (Poaceae) [15694]

Identifications + Comments: 1 + 0

  • 2020-07-17 21:22:11 (-05:00) Identification #117825418 by rogger [44060] / Rebecca Rogge
  • (species) Leymus mollis [61067] / American dune grass (leading) (computer vision assisted)
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Same issue with no leading ID label until the observation was reindexed, though this obs with 2 IDs:


after voted/unvoted something in the DQA:



oh interesting… i thought if you flipped the DQA flags, that would trigger an update of the update date stored on the observation itself, but i guess not.

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Just wondering why others’ observations with only one leading ID - to species level - provided by the original poster - has an “Agree” button, but none of my observations which I’ve provided a leading ID to species level have an agree button. Do others looking at my observations see an “Agree button” but I don’t?

No, I just see a “Compare” button.

Not sure if someone already modified the observation in some way (fave/unfave or vote/unvote), but I see the Agree button for that observation:

If someone did, it wasn’t me.


I just looked again, and still no “Agree” button…looks like none of my observations have an “Agree” button. Here’s another screenshot for a different observation of mine…Screenshot_2020-07-20 Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota)|644x500

why do you need an agree button for your own ID? do you want to agree with yourself?

No, I don’t want to agree with myself. I just wonder why other iNat users have the Agree button on their observations and I don’t.

you won’t have the agree button on your own IDs. but if someone makes a leading ID on your observation, you should then see an agree button. for example, below are a couple of my own observations. in the first case, someone made an ID that I can agree to. in the second case, no one has made an ID but me. so there’s no need to agree with myself.

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Okay, that explains it ~ thank you.

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