Agree button missing

Not applicable, because that applies only to Research Grade obs. The question here refers to an observation having only one ID (not RG).

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Do you have a URL for the observation?

Someone else provided another example here:


Yep… I also noticed the absence @dan_johnson but figured it was part of the revamping. It was another downer.

Example here seems strange too @tiwane ?
I have option to agree to the OP but not to the second ID

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From Ken-ichi:

First, we’ve removed the “Agree?” buttons on the website when 1) the observation is Research Grade and 2) the identification you’re agreeing with isn’t “leading.”

The genus ID there is not “leading”, so there’s no agree button. I believe it’s working as it’s supposed to. As to whether it’s good idea, that’s a topic of debate.


It seems to be working ok now. I don’t know if someone made a fix in the last couple of hours, but it was definitely having lots of problems earlier.

do you have specific examples of where it wasn’t working? especially for a problem that could possibly be ephemeral, more examples, screenshots, and other evidence will be useful for tracking down the source of such a problem.

Ah! I see.
Yes, seems to be a bit of a hot topic :)

… In these cases at least, I have to agree that doesn’t really make sense…
Bulk of UK Diptera IDs are just a couple of people knocking them back from species…
So this will definitely slow things down …and if anything, would incentivize a rampant identifier to incorrectly agree with the OP, as it’s the path of least resistance.


I think this is another case of this bug? I don’t think this is an intended change from the revamp, but I could be wrong.

I tried to go back and get a screenshot, but when I reloaded the page it was working properly (e.g., originally there was only the “compare” option, and now there are both “compare” and “agree” even though nothing changed). So it seems like the issue isn’t stable, I guess.

It’s been mostly working, but just hit this:

i am also getting these where the button is missing on the popup even though there’s only the observer’s id (and it has been only on ones with an observer’s id so far) but where the agree button is available on the thumbnail. so i can agree from the thumbnail still. happened five minutes ago on one gray hairstreak in az but not a second gray hairstreak from the same observer.

well not the same observer, just a couple of sams :joy:. anyway this one did not have the button:

and this one did

i suspect what you’re seeing here is basically whatever the problem is over here:

(if you can confirm that that sounds like the same thing, then maybe one of the moderators can merge these two threads together.)

looks the same to me (no id humbnail screenshot though)

Anyone still experiencing this since the agree button change was rolled back?

not so far

OK, I’ll close this bug report, then. Please start a new one if it pops up again.