AI-applications in wildlife preservation

Coming across this article and more recently learning about how Deepmind’s Alphafold AI helps accelerating drug discovery got me thinking about all the different ways artificial intelligence can further help saving species and the environment.

Without jumping much ahead, it would be interesting to see more in-depth discussions on this forum about how iNat data are or could be used by AI systems to preserve wildlife.

What would be the most meaningful ways to invite and encourage such discussions on this forum?

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This post helps invite and encourage discussions.

We read this article yesterday from Wired about AI’s trying to learn what a bird looks like after searching the topic in regard to a post by @teellbee on this thread

Could inat photos help other machines learn what a bird is?

This post helps invite and encourage discussions.

Thank you. I was thinking about something of a broader scale. For example having an AI category and/or tag, and showcasing novel and impactful applications.