AI placement to Agama Genus

I recently posted a lizard from Nepal, and relied on the AI suggestion of the genus Agama. A knowledgeable iNat participant who ID’d the lizard indicates that the genus Agama, to which the AI placed the post, does not occur out of Africa unless introduced. Not sure if the AI can limit a suggestion based on geographical area, but might be a feature that would help to place something higher than genus if the region is not applicable.

While uploading, did you add a location before the CV suggested a species? The CV could have shown similar looking species, but not those found nearby. When I used the CV, the genus Laudakia was suggested, not Agama.


The Computer Vision does filter suggestions based on observation location if you input the location before using the CV. However, it is also important to note, CV suggestions should always be vetted. The CV is not meant to make IDs beyond what the observer/identifier can verify.


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Actually, I fill in the location of sighting before I look for specie suggestions as a rule. But I appreciate this suggestion, very helpful.

(species - whether it is singular or plural)

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