Better use of location in Computer Vision suggestions


There are a number of discussions going on about inappropriate species being suggested by the app and accepted by novice users, particularly outside of data-rich areas such as California. The computer vision suggestions are based on visual similarity, and while several changes have been made to address it, this problem still persists.

This request is for better incorporation of geographic location into the suggestions presented by the app, either to reduce the number of suggestions of species not found for thousands of km, and/or to make it even more obvious that some suggested taxa are not expected to occur in the area.

Positive changes that have already been made include only marking species as “Seen Nearby” if there is a Research Grade observation from the region, and we can now see which IDs have been added from the Computer Vision suggestions. However, based on the discussions I’ve seen and my experience as an identifier in Brazil, further change is still needed.

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The iNat team just created a spec for exploring how best to do this, so I’m going to close the topic and voters can get their votes back.


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