All pins red in your "observations" page

When I go to the “your observations” page ( and zoom in on the map until I see pins, the pins are usually different colors based on the iconic taxa. now they’re all red:

was this an intentional change?


Ah, beat me to the topic. Noticed it too. If it’s intentional, I disapprove but I hope it’s some April Fool’s joke or something.

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I’m not seeing this for mine–if it’s still happening for you, it’s a bug and not a prank.

Wait, no, that’s my “Your Observations” page which is not the URL Also seeing this:


I just saw that it’s like this on the individual observation pages, even those that are not insects:

It was a bug introduced with the new captive/cultivated layer on taxon page maps. Should be fixed now on Explore. I’ll write up an issue for observation pages and other maps.



Any progress here? I’m not seeing anything on Github. This came up in a technically unrelated issue/request but if this was fixed that wouldn’t really be relevant anymore.


Sorry, forgot to follow up here but we decided that multi-color pin support wasn’t particularly necessary on maps other than Explore (observation detail screen, edit observations, etc).