Use unique colors for observation pins when searching for multiple species

When searching for multiple taxa, think it would be extremely helpful if the observation pins showed up in different colors (or customizable colors) especially if both already default to the same color (if all species searched for were plants, for example). I’m thinking this would be very helpful for understanding how the spatial distribution of some species relates to others. It would also be extremely helpful if the colored pins could be visible when viewing a species on a range-wide scale, instead of the default gray pins that prevent determining which species an observation is without zooming in to view a small area, and then if both species default to the same color, it would still be impossible without clicking on one or filtering for just one, therefore losing the advantage of seeing on a map how the presence of certain species relates to others.

I’m not sure how this could be done, but it would certainly be quite helpful with a lot of what I use iNaturalist for. Just doing an experimental search for a plant and a bird that are known to co-occur frequently certainly showed a local relation, but if viewed on a range-wide scale the observations for both default to gray making it impossible to view both side-by-side, this would be even more problematic if they were both plants, or both birds, etc., making it impossible to separate them on a local scale.

is something like this useful for you needs?
you would of course have to put in your own taxon ID numbers…


Crikey! Where did you find that?? Looks like it’s exactly what we’re looking for!

Hee hee, it is so much fun! Thank you, @lincolndurey

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yep, it is the BOMB! @bouteloua showed it to me ages ago. I hope that @tiwane and @kueda might make it a more accessible / permanent tool one day ?


Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for, but had never heard of it. Yes, I agree that this would be a wonderful asset if it was made more accessible.

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That’s awesome, I’ve been looking for something like this too. I’m bookmarking the page and this thread so I can’t lose it.

This is going to be so useful. Thanks for introducing it. We need to use it for the two species of armyworm !

I was trying to figure out how to make the same request when I saw your post. @lincolndurey- thats amazing! Thanks! I’d love for it to become a general use tool.

Had some fun with it and made a nice rat Snakes (genus Pantherophis) in the US map:

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