Allow Projects to be Sorted by Date Created

It would be useful to be able to sort by newest or oldest project created. Just by typing in Biol I found some projects for biology classesβœ“&q=Biol . However the results which came up were so random. Neither alpha-sorted nor sorted by date that I could tell.

I want to find more current university class projects for fall of 2020. I was delighted to find one for the University of Sydney just by chance this morning as I was looking for Microgastrinae.

This page sorts projects by newest first:βœ“&order=created


Thank you. This is helpful. Did you set up this search with a filter?

In the main header, if you go to Community, then Projects, at the bottom of the Projects page, there’s a green button to Browse All Projects.

At the top of that page, you can order by date created.