Recent projects list in header does not show recently created projects

My list shows projects created a while ago, and excludes projects made recently:

i.e. I would expect these much more recent projects to appear on the list:

while ones from 2018 appear instead:


Yeah, I think this might have stalled out at some point in the past. We’ll investigate.


Now it shows some other projects from 2017 and 2018, but still not 2019 projects.

Still no projects created in 2019. :\

I’m experiencing the same problem. The project list is stuck with the same old projects, no matter if I join or create new ones.

Now one from 2019 shows up (Horseshoe Mound), but most from 2019 are still not shown, and nothing I’ve joined or created in 2020.


Darn - I saw this post and hoped there was a solution. I have the same problem - the one project that I go to all the time is way down on my list, and doesn’t even show up on the “recent projects” drop down. I just created a bookmark to go directly to the project, but I’d love it if there was a way to order my projects.

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I too came here hoping to find an answer… Same problem as above. In addition, when I type a frequently-used project’s name in the search box, the search seems to be trying very hard to not give me that result I’m looking for. Is that an unrelated indexing issue?

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2 years later this issue is still apparent. I had notived it for a while and hoped it to be fixed and thought I’d finally write a bug report but see that was already done.

At least I don’t have any issues finding the Projects using the search (e.g. my recent projects will contain “2021”).

No news about this? It keeps showing me quite old projects, it’s like if its fetching the list of those that I made years ago and never touched again. It’s a list of less-recent projects.

When looking at community tab there’s a part saying “your recent projects”, it shows neither the recently create projects nor the recently visited, but some from 2019-2020, if it’s not really working maybe it should be removed or something should be done so it actually shows relevant projects. btw it’s translated as “your last projects”.

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Thank you, didn’t find this topic!

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