Allow specifying which lens to use for multi-lens smartphones in iNat app, in order to better allow using telephoto adaptors

It’d be nice to be able to select which lens to use when using the seek and iNat iphone apps now that most iphones come with multiple lenses (the same probably goes for android, though I don’t use that). I’ve got a clip-on telephoto lens adaptor that I’d like to be able to use to get better photos, but doing so requires putting it over one of the lenses, (and thus blocking the other) and right now the apps both switch back and forth for which lens they use in an unpredictable way. This makes it really hard to use the telephoto adaptor. I’d like to be able to just specify in the app to only use one of the lenses (e.g. the telephoto lens) and then use that with the clip-on adaptor. Thanks for considering!

I spoke with @alex about this, and basically, Apple doesn’t allow us to access this control, so it’s not something we can influence.

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