Seek app and phone cameras

I couldn’t find a category or thread that already addressed this, and I have downloaded and read the user guide. My phone has a built-in macro lens below the main lens, which switches on almost seamlessly in the camera app.

When using the Seek app this camera is not detected at all and I can’t focus on small arthropods or flowers less than about 10mm.

Would it be better to just import the pictures? Is there a way to get the app to use every available lens?

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It was discussed once but only about iNat app, there app can’t get to most of settings your native app has (and second camera too), so likely Seek is the same.


I could never warm up to the Seek app, it is just no fun to use for me. I vastly prefer the iNat app.

In any event, I prefer taking pictures with the native phone app which takes advantage of the full potential of the in-built lenses. The final result is better, in my opinion, when I select the photo(s) to upload from the phone’s photo gallery, crop it/them to size on the phone (either with the native editor or a third-party app – like ‘Photo and Picture Resizer’ which allows to crop and resize to 2 MB with less loss of crispness than the native editor), and only THEN upload the cropped and resized photo(s) via the iNat app. Repeated cropping within the iNat app leads to a loss of clarity and crispness with each successive step.

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