Amazing Fossil Finds

For those who are interested in (very) dead things, here are a couple if links to marvelous news report on fossil discoveries - one a new Burgess Shale, the other evidence of the tsunami that the 65 mya Gulf of Mexico asteroid would have caused. Neat stuff.

BBC News - Huge fossil discovery made in China’s Hubei province

BBC News - Chicxulub asteroid impact: Stunning fossils record dinosaurs’ demise


Very cool! Thanks for sharing!!


very cool indeed! Thanks for the share


Wow, and I thought the Marble Canyon site for the Burgess Shale was impressive (with at least 12 new species over the past few years)! A new Burgess site across the world (with jellyfish!!!) is just absolutely breathtaking.


It is fascinating, although I am not sure their time estimates can be so precise. What’s really neat is that the fossils are preserved in 3-D, and like what was done to the Burgess Shale, they can be dissected for further information. What they ate, & etc.

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