An iNaturalist hackathon?

i think you guys should organize an annual (or other periodic) hackathon so people in the community can develop these kinds of side things. i bet there are lots of people who could knock something like this out in less than a day. a hackathon could also produce new prototypes or designs for, say, a Tinderized identification experience, or it could develop non-technical stuff like, say, a better teacher packet, or it could answer questions that professional scientists have been interested in but maybe don’t have the technical know-how to get that answer from the system.


A note that I moved this to its own topic, but that it originated from the desire to update the iNat calendar to include collection project bioblitzes rather than just traditional project bioblitzes.

i guess the first step for a potential hackathon is compiling a list of ideas that people could tackle during the event. is there an existing list of things that don’t affect the core of iNaturalist that are essentially off the table because deemed low priority? a new bioblitz calendar and maybe a better guides module (since the existing one is no longer supported) come to mind.

@jtklein has a start of a Tinder-like IDing app:

As far as some improvements to nontechnical stuff, any curator can already edit the Teacher’s Guide and Managing Projects pages (and most other similar pages).

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I’m good at breaking code, so if there’s a hackathon, count me in on the fun :D

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