Can we have a bioblitz calendar?

Does discourse have any kind of calendar function built in? It would be really cool to have a calendar where everyone can enter their bioblitz/event info, Right now they can be difficult to find out about, and then suddenly I get invited to 3 different ones in the same time slot!


Apparently, there is a plug-in for a calendar: (whatever that means).


I usually find out about them when I see the observations showing up… and by then it is too late. I am very interested in attending other bioblitzes, so a calendar would be awesome! Especially if it pulled directly from projects that are indicated as being for bioblitzes

a calendar and a map linked together would be awesome.


you may or may not find this relevant but elements of this conversation happened earlier over here:

just FYI if it’s useful :slight_smile:


I definitely want to explore the calendar plug-in. It wont help anyone filter by region, but would be helpful to see what’s happening on a day you’re free.


I agree with Charlie that a calendar and map linked together would be really great.


isn’t that what this is supposed to do?

Turns out the Discourse calendar plug-in is only available at a higher tier of Discourse, which is out of our price range, alas.

In the ancient days of iNaturalist when traditional projects were used, yes, but most bioblitzes are now collection projects. Considering the other things we have on our plate, creating a new one is low priority.


how do you add bioblitzes to that calendar? For our future bioblitzes I am imagining we will have a collection project for the auto adds, and also a traditinal for adding obscured obs, so could still hook into that calendar with the traditional!

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