An observation flagged with a conservation status

I posted my latest observations from a hike on Saturday, and when I used the computer vision to help identify these, I found one with a flag that I’ve never seen before:

Conservation Status: S1 in New York, US ()
The Bare-cheeked Bumblefly is uncommon throughout its range (Skevington et al. 2019) and in New York it is known from just four occurrences in the central and southeastern portion of the state, only one of which is recent. It relies exclusively on old growth deciduous forests for breeding, a rare and threatened habitat.

So now I’m wondering, is there some state agency or researcher responsible for monitoring this species, to whom I should report this observation? I see there’s only one other iNat observation of this species in New York State, from 2019.

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I don’t think so, although if you want I suppose you could contact the people who created the source of the status:

All that would do is just let them know that you’ve found another record, but I don’t know how big of a deal that would be to them. The fact is, anyone can look at iNat records so it’s pretty much enough that you’ve uploaded it to the site.

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