Is it possible to export/view observations with the conservation status?

Basically, I’m looking to see if there is a way - other then to click on every observation and see if it’s listed as VU, EN, or CR - to see the conservation status of a bunch of observations, particularly if you can sort them by conservation status or if I’m able to export the data with the conservation status as a field.

for regular users, the only place that i know of where you can query by conservation status or get it for multiple observations in one result set is via the API. see!/Observations/get_observations.

note that i tried querying against my own observations, and there may or may not be issues picking up certain cases. for example, when i look at my observations of domestic swan geese like this, the observation detail shows status as VU, but the API will not return this observation if i query for cs=VU. it does work for my american bumblebee observations like this though. so there’s an inconsistency somewhere. i’m just not sure what the inconsistency is.

UPDATE: it looks like the Identify page allows you to query by conservation status (ex., but i don’t think it works on the Explore page for whatever reason.

Awesome! Thanks!