An upcoming danish book of Sawflies larvae

For the general information of interested parties:

I am working on a book of Danish Sawflies larvae,
perhaps finished in a year or two?

The idea here is to show some few pages to illustrate the “quality”.
It will contain about 2-300 of the most met larvae in North europe, and is done due to the lack of exactly such a book (from all others ;-) )

The idea is to make it “as easy as possible” way to identify larvae, with e.g a photo-index with only one shot of each species - and afterwards to check details for 2-3 similar species on their own page.
There you can find Appearance, Larva time, Foodplants of course, Finding places - and e.g. “level” - and not least Confusion species to keep an eye on!

Here an example, where both full-grown larvae and earlier instars are showed.

If the book will become a physical printed book or an E-book, is not decided yet, but it is pre-programmed to an E-book, with a lot of intern and extern links to the most importand sites on the web, too. The intern links are to maneuver as easy as possible through the book. One click, and you are on the particular Species page, on click back to the photo index, on click to an index with only “heads” of the larvae - all to compare the species fast and easy

Til now, about 30 photographers are supporting this “thing” - with GREAT THANKS! … as good shots of a lot of species are more or less impossible to get.
And until now, about 100 pages are done, with about 150 species described.

There will be (on most pages) a smaller “icon” of Imagos up in the corner, to see the connection to Imago.

The last book of “600 danish moths and butterflies larvae” were supported by 175 photographers from all Europe (and some few from other places) ;-)
It took 4 years to do this - and I suppose, it is downloaded at least 1000 times, though in danish (the pages are possible to translate if needed, on the web)
It contain 2500 shots, possible to magnify to full-screen - and includes 2500 links, intern and extern, the same way as the Sawflies book functions.

If it ever will be translated, e.g. to English, I have no idea about yet - as it is a big job! And in advance, you will be able to search on all latin names, larva time in “month”.

Thank you

Kjeld Brem


Here an example more
Many pages will be devided in two, as there simply is not shots to show!


And here a third page:


The Sawfly book looks absolutely superb - I would love to be able to obtain a copy when it is finally produced,

In the meantime, I would like to get a copy of the 600 Moth and Butterfly Lave publication. Do you have a link (URL) so I can see/order/download it ??

Many thanks.

Wow. Looks fabulous. If you need a proofreader for a hypothetical English version… ;-)

How do you even get started on such a project!?


Thank you, Steve

Yes, you are able to download The moths and Butterflies-larvae E-book here

  • for FREE

BUT you have to respect the Copyrights, mentioned in few lines on page 3!

You may use it as much you like

  • but you are NOT allowed to change anything in the file, incl. Split, Combine, Compress or the like.
  • or use parts of it anyway (incl print screen on the web - in threads or so),
    and not to print anything from it!

This is promises given to e.g. all the supporting Photographers, and some few demands from myself, due e.g. to my economic situation ( a long history ;-) )

For better use, translate page 14 (e.g. in Bing or Google translate), then it will be much easier to ping-pong around in it

It is working fine on both PC and Smartphone, as it is a PDF-file, but huge! 600 Mb!

Of course all download is on your own risk.

Best regards - Kjeld


@ matthewvosper

Thank you for your offer

“How do you even get started on such a project!?”
I don´t know - suddenly I did ;-) … after the other book was finished.
It requres, that you have a lot of shots of this item, in advance, collected when one was searching for Moths larvae …

And the urge - and “annoying”, that there never had been such a book before ;-)

Afterwards, it was starting by the first species - then the next, and later, you check up, what is lacking. Then you write to 2-3 persons with shots of these, asking, if they will support the project. Most answers YES! - as they lack too such a book

… and “now I am here” - 150 species later :-)

And it requires good time!

  • in the Moths book I used … (yes you read correct):
    2500 hours - just to edit shots! … and in the end, every single link took 5-10 minutes to implement.
    Saving the file took 20 min - each time! :-D

So it requires one is a little crazy, too ;-)

All the best - Kjeld


There should be a discussion as to which format is easier to use in the field, which is where this book would be the most useful.

@ Jason
Exactly - my first book of Moths and Butterflies are used daily in the field, by myself, on the Smartphone - to check up small details, when pupating and how long etc.etc.

The same for my own Beta version of Sawflies - so I fully share that belief, but you know: Older people have grown up with physical books, so for some it is a great jump to use an E-book, though it is much easier with E-books
(e.g. with search function, magnifying photos, more handy and so …)

  • and you can have all your books in one Smartphone - if enough memory ;-)

But there is an economic problem. Many Authors have used a huge time to write and collect data and photos in such a book

  • and afterwards it is possible to copy it (without no pay) ;-)

We are living in a time, where all think, they have to rigth to get anything for free ;-)
And many authors like to get some kind of pay-back or as a kind of recognition of their great work, e.g. in money - or they simply need some extra money ? :-D

I have not decided, what way it turns out …

Best regards - Kjeld


A new page for the book:

Athalia lugens & Athalia scutellariae

Many photographers have delivered shots for this page.
It had been impossible to do it without

Thanks to:
Andrey Ponomarev, Ingrid Altmann, Ole Donald Mortensen, Steen Drozd Lund and Janet Graham (by Wikipedia) - together with some “graphic jiggery-pokery” from my hand :wink:


A new page for the book - Allantus togatus
with good photo support from Andrey Ponomarev

Thanks a lot


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