Insect wing venation identification website

Just came across a super useful looking resource for wing venation that I’d not seen before.

Reminded me of a recent post about identification. Couldn’t find it to add to it, but thought I’d share anyhow…


This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing!


It looks like it may be a work in progress - there appear to be no images of Noctuid (or other moth) wings. However it is a damned good guide to most insect wing veins!

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Just going through the Hymenoptera wing venation - agree with others - great resource.

Found the root directory article on " Taking wing images" interesting -


Shame… it seems its not very active actually - last upload 2017. :(

But yes, useful for Diptera even if just for examples of wing venation within some genera / a family.

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That is some really cool software they have on that website

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Thank you for the interest in
I am the owner of the website.
Please use IdentiFly software for identification of species.
At the moment the most useful should be identification of Syrphidae because there is many species.
You need to take wing image and mark the landmarks as indicated in the prototypes.
If there is some interest I will try to explain this, however, I am quite busy with my other project so it
can take some time.


Thanks for saying hello @Adam!.. and welcome to iNaturalist forum :)
I’m going to try to download the software and give it a go, sounds really interesting.

It could be amazing to have an inbuilt iNaturalist widget where users could apply a wing venation checker like this ( or at least just to use this in combination with the existing powers of the autosuggest )

Are you talking about the Wiki that I made, Wiki - American Peppered Moths? Or are you talking about someone else’s post? Now I am interested as well.

Could you make your website more secure? I feel a bit uneasy going to unsecure webpages…

Also, I think it would be useful to add labels to the wing vein diagrams like M1 or C2. If it ends up being too much work to write the labels and add coloring, then adding different colors to mark the veins would also be an improvement. Although, I think adding labels would be better for those who are color blind.

If you mean my initial comment that this reminded me of a recent post about identification…not sure who made the post - but it was querying resources for ID…looking for help figuring out wing venation and anatomical terms, etc.
So, no, not your wiki, but maybe another post by you?

The website has some photos labelled, some not. It looks as if that is dependent on users who upload, …and whether or not any found images happen to have labels embedded or not.

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