Android app doesn't update some observations after improving IDs

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

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I am not sure if this is a known bug but I couldn’t find any similar problem in the forum. This bug occurs pretty rarely but basically sometimes when someone improves one of my IDs (doesn’t matter if I agree with him or not as seen from the screenshots) the app doesn’t update to the correct species and is stuck at my initial ID. When I go to the website from my computer (as you can also see from the links I have provided) the observations from the screenshots are of course showing the improved ID, but I’ve been waiting for months for them to update on the app and nothing has happened. I tried clearing the cache of the Inaturalist app multiple times and nothing changed. My smartphone is a Motorola Moto G71 5G. Also worth noting - I think this problem occurred with other older observations I had, but either I can’t find the exact observations where it happened or it somehow fixed itself after some time.


For me it’s always like that, it always shows the first id, I think there was a topic where it was discussed, if you relog it will start showing correct ids, but only for the old observations, everything new will be the same. I ignore what app says, only what is written when you open observation.

I can confirm this aswell

Probably this bug report

This has always happened to me as well with android app observations. I’ve found that by withdrawing my initial id and then restoring it the overall id updates to the improved id. This doesn’t always work though - if someone else has submitted a coarse id below mine and then two people id to species level then withdrawing and restoring my id doesn’t cause the observation to be have the updated id.

They show as correct on the website though so I don’t worry too much about it.

This happens very frequently for me as well. I haven’t tried clearing just my cache, as the thread roysh mentions suggests, however I have found that clearing the storage/data for the app (in Android this is long press on the app icon > App Info > Storage & cache > Clear storage) resets everything. Though I don’t do that often, I’ve learned to just kind of live with it.