Android app new observation from photo does not generate a location

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 1.27.7 (549)

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Android app is no longer capturing location or date time information from photos. It captures the information when creating an observation from the camera but not from a previously taken photo. When creating from the camera it appears to be capturing the location directly from the phone gps and not from the location information in the photo metadata. Getting location and date time info from photo metadata seems to be the problem. I have restarted phone. I have updated app. I have removed and reinstalled the app. I sent the debug logs to the help email.

Basically every method possible of creating an observation using photos and not created directly from the camera. There are many ways to do this so I’m not going to list them all. They all have this problem. They have this problem with every format of photo I’ve tried. I do not have this problem when uploading a photo.

Step 1: Click the + on lower right of home screen

Step 2: Select “Choose Image” from option dialog

Step 3: Choose one or more images

Step 4: a new “Edit Observation” instance is created. The date/time may or may not be filled in. The location is never filled in.

This sequence of steps used to generate an “Edit Observation” with the location filled in. This sequence on my iPhone still works. This sequence works on the web app.

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Do you mean Seek or the iNaturalist app?

I don’t believe Seek saves the location information to a photo’s metadata. If you submit the observation when you first take the photo with Seek it will have location information. But as you described, if you try to submit a photo that you took earlier, it is missing location information. This happens on iPhone as well.

Did you edit these photos before uploading? Some softwares strip metadata.

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I think you should reboot your phone.

Your workflow is different then mine. I checked your workflow with 1.27.7 (549) and have correct date and time.

I have two strange observations but also the photo is missing…

I naturalist.

No this does not happen for me on iPhone. All pictures that I take have location information in it’s metadata. If you have your phone settings done correctly then location is saved inside the image file. iNaturalist was capable of extracting this info before.

This also did not happen to me on android until a week or two ago.

Yes actually I am getting correct date and time now for most image types.

As I stated in the form, I have indeed rebooted my phone.

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No, I did not edit.

Check privacy settings and that app has the allowance to use metadata.

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