Hymenoptera (wasp) checklists wiki

Crabronidae (Square-headed Wasps, Sand Wasps, and Allies)


Ichneumonidae (Ichneumonid Wasps)

Sphecidae (Thread-waisted Wasps)





Vespidae (Vespid Wasps)

Eumeninae (Potter and Mason Wasps)

Polistinae (Paper Wasps)

Stenogastrinae (Hover Wasps)

Vespinae (Hornets and Yellowjackets)

Key: parentheses: total taxa; asterisk: iNaturalist contributed to new records, I: incomplete list, brackets: sources.

Wasp definition: Hymenoptera excluding Anthophila and Formicoidea

Bee checklists and checklist FAQ’s link.

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Okay gang, lets get to work. Just fresh in the middle of a Was identification course through Penn State. I recommend it for you all the next time it comes around.

@louisnastasi is one of the editors of the class text, Biodiversity & Classification
of Wasps 1st Edition
L. F. Nastasi, R. L. Kresslein, K. O. Fowler, & S. R. Fernández Flores, eds.
and he is also the WaspID Course Director & Founder
WaspID course and (free) 500 page textbook


It’s great that he’s on iNat. I’ll try to fit the course in with my work schedule next year.

In NM, I’m waiting for Dr. Messinger-Carril to publish a bee survey from Northern NM and that should help the checklist (other wiki, I know). Hopefully, she got by catch identified and some nice wasp records. I also tried to encourage staff at UNM’s insect collection to improve digitization of records and maybe some of that will trickle over to iNat.

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