Any nature sketching enthusiasts out there?

these are beautiful!

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Not necessarily. Have you heard of “drawing on the right side of the brain”? The theory is that by drawing upside-down, you produce a more accurate drawing, because it forces you to focus on the actual lines you see and avoid unconscious interpretation.

I assume this is intended as an observation of Zalophus californianus. You could, however, split off the Phalacrocorax auritus into a separate observation.

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I love using colored pencils to create vibrant illustrations because they have drawing pencils’ ease of use and the pop of color paint and watercolor. Colored pencils are a fuss-free combo of both, so I can do sketching without having to set up paint palettes or multiple tins of water.


Here’s a sketch I made of a painting my mom made.


I was at a zoo and made a bunch of really fast, bad sketches, but when I got home I redid my favorites and they turned out really nice!