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Stupid question but Is artwork allowed in this forum because I like doing nature art.

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Not sure, but there’s no such thing as a stupid question. I suppose you could make a thread for nature artwork though, unless there already is one.

I would suggest that IF the subject of your art is an observation by you of an organism at a known location and date, it might be uploaded as an observation–no matter how long it might take to finish the piece of art. But keep in mind the array of questions which might be considered at the bottom of any “observation” in the Data Quality Assessment. As with uploads of journal sketches, etc., I would always expect you to include details of the encounter, circumstances, etc., so that your artful “observation” can be distinguished from, say, a generic painting of a species from captive organisms, pre-existing sources, or stock photos. If you paint from your own (nature) photography, for instance, that would seem to be OK (but why not upload the photos instead?).
Now if your artistic style is “impressionism”, then we may have to have another conversation. ;-)


If it’s something like this?

My Frankenstein :)

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Uploading commentary, including illustrations, to this discussion forum and uploading your wildlife observations are two separate arenas.

Such artworks would not be appropriate as iNaturalist observations, but I suppose they may be okay on the forum, if the components you include don’t mess with others’ copyrights.

Btw, Your iNaturalist profile goes to a broken link?

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The landscape and animals are your own photos or artwork?

Your link needs to be updated to

I don’t know how to change my link.

Curious: I’ve spent quite a bit of time hiking around in southern Longleaf Pine forests and I don’t remember ever seeing this particular herd. I’ll keep looking. ;-)

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Here’s the landscape’s source.

We had two entire threads about nature-themed art:

For those of you who are visual artists, do you like to draw/paint anything from nature? - Nature Talk - iNaturalist Community Forum

Any nature sketching enthusiasts out there? - Nature Talk - iNaturalist Community Forum


Have you seen this project yet?
Nature Drawing and Journaling · iNaturalist

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That’s not always true:
Are drawings evidence? - General - iNaturalist Community Forum

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By “such drawings” I meant art like the fictional scene shown by the OP.


Oh, yeah. Definitely that wouldn’t be ok. I think they were just using that as a “quick and dirty” mockup example (as they called it their “Frankenstein” image).

Also, when you are drawing, you have a bit more control over what’s in the image, so presumably they wouldn’t need to draw multiple species in the image. Or they could draw the whole thing, but post a cropped version for the observation that only shows one species and a bit of background.

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