Anyone notice an improvement when adding taxon photos?

We updated some drag-and-drop libraries yesterday, including the one for editing taxon photos. I don’t edit taxon photos often, but when I did so last week using Firefox it was a bit janky - when I added a photo I could only drop it in the first slot, for example. Now it’s a lot smoother and I can drop the photo in any slot. For anyone who edits taxon photos on a regular basis, are you noticing an improvement today?


If when I drag to the right, it’s directly to the first position and then I move from there, it works correctly. If the first position I reach is lower, it puts the image in the first position and won’t drag from there.


I look forward to not having to bully the taxon photos into order. But I do rearrange them so the first few show different features - flower leaf fruit bark, wide view. Instead of 6 variations on PrettyFlower, iffy IDs from Flickr, or clearly cultivated.

It seems plenty responsive on my setup (MacBook Pro, Safari), but I don’t specifically remember any sluggishness before. There is definitely some flakiness in behavior though; I’m not sure if any of this is new. A couple of problems I noticed quickly:

(1) When I drag a new photo into the grid of existing taxon photos, a ghosted copy of its image snaps to the first position, even while I am still dragging around the image. I can continue to drag it around in other positions, which causes the existing photos to move around, but no matter where I drop it, it ends up in the first position. Maybe this is the same as what @joedziewa was reporting.

(2) If there are already 12 images and I drop a 13th one in (past the stated limit), sometimes the drop does nothing (reasonable), but other times a ghosted copy of the image snaps to the first position and remains there even after I release the one I’m dragging.

Should I write up individual bug reports for these two cases, and poke around looking for more trouble?

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