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Hi all,
My iOS app just updated to version 2.8.4 build 549 and now I can only add one photo at a time from my photo roll, as opposed to the four I used to be able to ‘choose’ at one time. I am calling this a 'bug; since it isn’t behaving like it used to, but it is more like a feature gone missing.


We’re working on adding multiple image selection again, but unfortunately it’s much more complicated than it may seem. More explanation here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/multiple-images-selection-in-gallery-disabled-in-latest-update-and-photo-metadata-not-being-read/7519/32


Thanks, @carrieseltzer


Meantime, @rebeccafay, the web version at iNaturalist.org is working fine, and you may even find it’s preferable to adding observations with the mobile app (I do).

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I’ve seen this behavior as well and unfortunately am just switching to desktop only

Hi @markmcknight,

I believe we fixed this bug in late November, with release 2.8.6 on iOS. If you’re willing to try again, I would love to know how it works for you. Apologies for the annoying behavior.

Happy holidays,

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Hi Alex, I have the most recent update and i am still limited to 1 photo upload. Not to be dramatic or anything but its basically like my life is ending. Not sure i can go on :(

Incidentally, i also can only upload one photo at a time via desktop… and the drag and drop function doesnt appear to be working. at least not on the computer i am on!

Can you create a separate bug report either here or write in to help@inaturalist.org? It would be helpful to know which browsers and operating system you’re using, and where you’re dragging photos from.

will do :)