Link to top identifiers of that taxon, not *observations* of that taxon

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Not entirely clear to me. List the people who most often were first or second to give this species the (community accepted) name? And not everyone who voted later?

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The desire is to list all and only the people who suggested an ID of that taxon or some sub-taxon. The current link goes to a page which lists everyone who put an ID on an observation whose community-accepted name is that taxon or lower, even if the ID was more general or straight-out incorrect, which results in some oddities such as people who’re putting general categories on unknown observations ending up high on the lists for a wide variety of rare species, people who are consistently incorrect ending up on the list for the thing they’re having trouble identifying correctly, etc.



I’m interested in who knows how to identify a taxon, not on the most prolific agree-ers out there.


That’s not specified/requested in this feature request (or the above linked previous discussions). I would assume supporting IDs would be included in such a list of identifiers. But I guess that’s up for debate.

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linking @tiwane’s comment:
OK, after consulting with Ken-ichi, it’s not a bug but intended behavior.

“The Identifiers tab in Obs Search shows the people who have added identifications to observations in the current search, not people who have added identifications of the taxon filtering the current obs search. I am fairly sure that was intentional, as obs search could have multiple filters applied to it that may or may not have anything to do with taxa”
(emphasis mine)
I don’t see how a filter of a taxa could ever not have anything to do with taxa, but if you are going to request this feature, how would you work around this issue?

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That is indeed the intended behaviour of the identifiers tab of the observation search/explore page, which is where the link from the taxon page goes now. That page should be left alone. The proposal is to change the link on the taxon page to instead go to a new page which lists the people who made the most identifications of the relevant taxon, which is a function already available through the API, and already (partially) displayed in the top 10 identifiers list in the lower right part of each observation page.

In other words, change the link to go to a new page which actually does what’s expected, instead of linking to an existing page which does something subtly unexpected and can’t be changed.

Once we have a page that is searching the right thing, filters for Maverick, Leading, Supporting, or Improving IDs could be added, which would satisfy a couple of other feature requests.


If one does that (and I very much support it), how does one deal with the fact that users will understandably keep on raising the question as to why the top identifier isn’t appearing on the leader board?

I don’t understand. Why would the top identifier not appear on the leader board? Which page are you thinking of: the existing observations-search or the proposed identifications search?

Edit: Ah, I think I understand now. On the taxon page, when the link is changed, obviously the top identifier must also be changed to the one that’s at the top of the linked page, though most of the time the user at the top of the current page will also be at the top of the new page and will almost always be somewhere on the new page.

it doesn’t really address this feature request, but while this is awaiting development, if you just need something to display the results of the API in a more human readable format, you can use this:

so for example, if you want to see the top 100 “leading” identifiers for Amanita (for others’ observations only), you could add some parameters to the above URL like this, just as you would with the API:

the code for the above is here: