API taxonomy: list of available ranks?

Hi! I wasn’t sure where to put dev-related questions, so thought I’d try here first. Feel free to move this if I’m posting in the wrong spot.

I’m a software dev/naturalist and was tinkering around with your API (old & new). Specifically, I’m working on a way to visualize relationships between species/taxa - to get a better sense of how new species I see relate to one another in the taxonomic tree.

I was hoping to get a full list of the “rank” option. The /taxa endpoint has a convenient dropdown in the API documentation, but when pinging the actual data set, it doesn’t appear to be exhaustive. I noticed that some results come back with ranks of “section”, “subterclass” and more. I can keep experimenting and flesh out the full list myself, but I was wondering if it was documented anywhere?




I suspect if you go here

Click filters and then either the rank high or rank low that is likely complete


Nice find! Yeah, that looks more exhaustive than that other location I posted. Thanks very much!

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