Rank observers by number of species observed on the Android app


I really wish that the app could rank the users not only by the number of their observations but also by the number of species observed, just like it is on the website. Maybe it’s just me but I feel that it’s a more important number (I guess it depends on how you use the app).
I’ve been waiting for this feature for years. Finally decided that maybe it’s time to ask. :D
Thank you.

I like this idea. I am no hunter of ranking, but I like it.
I would also like badges as in Seek app. Quite childish, but I would like it. :wink:

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In my area everyone who uses iNaturalist treats it like it’s a competitive sport. :D So I wish I could check the rankings wherever I go.
(I would absolutely love badges and all kinds of other game-like features too, but I don’t even dare to ask) :D

I assume you’re referring to the Explore page, correct? I’d be down for that.

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Yes, the Explore page.
I like how on the website you can reorder the observers either by observations or species with just one click. I think many people would find this useful on the app as well. :)

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