App not allowing multiple photo selection or coordinates from photos to be added

A few days ago, I went to try to add photos from the previous day as I often do. It is much more time-efficient to take the photos in the field and add the observations when I get back (less time spent navigating the app in the field = more time spent observing and enjoying the natural world). I found that I could no longer select more than one photo to upload without clicking the “+” button and (most distressingly) that the app took coordinates from my current location and not from the coordinates on the photos. I use that functionality a lot and both changes really impede my ability to add observations efficiently. The coordinate change, in particular, means that I can’t upload the location without manually georeferencing which is why I use the app in the first place.

So, I have two questions. 1. Is this just a problem I’m experiencing, a bug that came from an iPhone update, or is this something the developers intended (depending on the answer to this, I could see this going into feature request or bug reports but wasn’t sure)? and 2. Is there any way that could be changed back or at least give the option to take coordinates from the photos again?

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  1. It was intended, as a workaround to a worse bug, and will hopefully be fixed soon.
  1. If you update to 2.8.3. and reimport the photos as new observations, does that work?

Thanks for this. So, I redownloaded the app and that did fix the coordinate problem (the biggest problem). I also noticed that it will automatically upload after you save the observation, which isn’t always ideal but is workable. I guess I’ll have to sit tight on the other two issues.


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